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Kati Stubblebine
May 10, 2020 | Kati Stubblebine


One of the bloggers I follow who lives somewhere on the East Coast posted last week about all the ways she's preparing for the upcoming "Rosé Season." At first I felt left out; what is this rosé season and why wasn't I in the loop about it? Then it hit me- how lucky we are to live in California, where Rosé season stretches from January-December. 

Still, even though we can sip on a refreshing glass of Rosé all year long, there is something particularly appealing about it this time of year. With the sun staying out longer and longer, now feels like the time to host a dinner party and break out a bottle of Rosé. 

A pro (and sometimes con) of living so close to the beach is that my house has become to go-to spot for barbecues and potlucks during the summer. I can't wait to show off the new Rosé of Pinot Noir. From the orange-blush color, to the beautiful silhouette of the glass bottle, this is a wine that is sure to impress in every way. Aromas of orange zest and watermelon lead into a crisp fruit forward wine with tastes of strawberries and watermelon, and a tart cherry finish. 

This wine pairs well with just about anything, from shellfish to steaks off the BBQ. Grab a bottle, invite over a couple of friends, and welcome the Summer with open arms. 




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