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Seal Beach Winery

Growler Program

Discover a new way to enjoy your favorite wines through our innovative growler program. We offer a unique ways to enjoy our premium wines either in an air sealed pouch or in a reusable glass bottle.  The glass bottles are refillable and the air sealed pouches can be recycled.  The pouches will keep your wines fresh for up to 3 weeks because oxygen does not come in contact with your wine.   Purchase a reusable, glass growler full of wine in our tasting room, then come back in and refill it at any time.
With the purchase of a glass growler, you will also receive a stamp card----if you fill up ten times, your eleventh growler only costs $0.01!     

You have 2 options for the glass growlers and 2 for the air sealed pouches.  In glass, we offer a 1.9 ltr bottle (equals 2.6 bottles of wine) and a 1 ltr bottle ( equals 1.5 bottles of wine)  Our disposable air sealed pouches are 1.5 ltr (2 bottles of wine) and 750 ml ( 1 bottle of wine).  
The glass bottles are great for a larger gatherings, you can have a premium wine without going through the fuss of uncorking bottles so often.  The pouches will keep your wine fresh longer, so you can have a glass of wine or two without having to open a whole bottle. 

Our current offering are all red blends, and we are working on some white and rose options.  For the reds, we made blends from our barrels of our 2018 vintage wines.  Each of the single wines in the blends were also bottled as well.  We have listed them for you below.

 For our bottled wines, shop online here.


2018 Sta. Rita Pinot
Rancho LaVina & Rio Vista Vineyards, Sta. Rita Hills


2018 Spooner's Blend
Estelle & Patterson Vineyard, Santa Ynez
40% Cab Sauv, 40% Sangiovese, 20% Syrah  


2018 Los Al Blend
Estelle & Tierra Alta Vineyards, Santa Ynez
50% Cab Sauv, 50% Tempranillo


2018 Coyote Creek Cuvee
Patterson & Tierra Alta Vineyards, Santa Ynez
50% Syrah, 50% Tempranillo


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