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Paige Belanger
September 1, 2016 | Paige Belanger

A New Drinking Generation

We all have a stereotypical image of a wine snob. For me, it’s an older man in his business clothes, just back from work, sipping a glass of refined red by a fireplace, using wine as an elixir of relaxation and comfort. You may conjure up a vision of a woman at a restaurant, demanding minute details from a server or sommelier about the wine she wants to accompany her dinner with. In fact, we all probably have preconceived notions about who drinks the most wine and where. The funny thing is, we’re actually all wrong.

According to a yearly survey conducted by the Wine Market Council, millennials are now the most frequent consumers of wine in the United States. In fact, those in their mid-20s are a driving force behind the wine industry, forcing wine makers to vary their selections and create quality products. Since they’re not guzzling down the cheapest products they can find (which, I’m sure, is what we all initially assumed), and they’re also not settling in to the most standard and common varietals, the wine industry is actually given an opportunity to create non-conventional, delicious wines that everyone can enjoy. Moreover, more than just drinking more kinds of wine and more frequently, millennials actually drink the most amount of wine per serving, at an average of 3.1 glasses each time they decide to drink.

Next time you come by the tasting room, take a look around you as you drink your glass or enjoy your tasting. The face of wine is getting younger and younger, and with that comes more exciting variations on wine. Even here at Seal Beach Winery, our offerings are always expanding and aren’t always the most common California varietals, which is made possible by a growing demand from curious drinkers. And, if you’re ever in the market for a gift for a “millennial” friend or relative, remember that, at 3.1 glasses of wine a night, a growler might go over incredibly well. 


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