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Seal Beach Winery

Our eyes are the first pathway to our taste buds. A beautiful display of food coats our mouth with perceived flavors and textures. The more voraciously our eyes dig into a plate, the more our mouth waters, the more we want to get a hold of what's in front of us.

In this regard, an experience with gorgeous food is much like tasting a glass of wine. The layers of flavor, the aromas, and the colors are all precursors to our sense of taste. And, since we're a winery with great wines, we want you to create foods that create an all-encompassing sensory experience for your sight and palate combined.

Listed in this section are recipes that we at Seal Beach Winery recommend—whether you're looking for hors d'oeuvres for entertaining, entrees to prepare for a cozy night in, or dessert to finish off a long day. And of course, they're all listed and developed with our wines in mind, so make sure to stop by and pick up your bottles and growlers for some perfect pairings.

Hors d'oeuvres




Side Dishes